Kitchen Opera Company

Kitchen Opera Company serves up a live musical experience, where the entire dining event, from table setting to dessert, provides the lyrical and story context for culinary levity and beautiful new melodies. It’s a delightful banquet of pop and opera styles boiled and mashed into an original mix – it’s one cup of drama –… Continue reading Kitchen Opera Company

The Flaming Fire

Composers Bennet, John (c.1575-c.1614) Black, John (c.1520-87) Byrd, William (c.1540–1623) Holborne, Antony (?1545-1602) Johnson, Robert (c.1583-1633) Lauder, James (c.1535-c.1595) Tallis, Thomas (c.1505-85) Works anon.: Je suis déshéritée anon.: Tourdion Bennet: Venus’ birds whose mournful tunes Black, J: Lytill Blak Byrd: The noble famous Queen Johnson, R: A knell of Johnson Genre Madrigals & Partsongs Label MSR Classics

Heavenly Voices

Spotlighted in the Heavenly Voices PBS TV Special, this 3-CD boxed set introduces the unforgettable vocals and artistry of countertenor Ryland Angel (Ryland Angel), Italian soprano Giorgia Fumanti (From My Heart), and the alluring soprano duo Sasha & Shawna (Siren).